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On the occasion of its tenth year of existence, talented French project LITH delivers a new album, powerful and committed.
"Gaïa" (the Earth) is a call for our planet as the living cradle of everything that is ; in turns dark and desperate, "Gaïa" hints at man as the destructor of nature and species ("Hiroshima", "Katami") but also evokes, in an optimistic, hopeful manner, the cultures that have deified the earth and its elements ("Sentinelese", "Huli") and that still survive today.
Thus, somewhere between nightmare and dream, "Gaïa" ultimately points at the fact that, as the wisdom of sustaining the world about us was immediately obvious to many men as they developed, so it should continue to be obvious to us.

For this new opus, LITH continues to explore the way opened by " Tribal End" while succeeding in giving to his sound experiment even more depth and meaning. Mixing aesthetical soundscapes, tribal and trance elements, distorted noises, fast break beats and powerful industrial rhythms in the vein of Somatic Responses, Antigen Shift or Iszoloscope, LITH creates a unique sound atmosphere and clearly confirms his leading position in the French up-tempo industrial electronic scene.

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