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Arbaa’s music invites into transe through hypnotic compositions, tangled loops driven by a powerful and swaying groove. 
Claimed influences range from afrobeat and gnawa transe music, to contemporary repetitive music and Nick Bartsch ronin’s «zen funk ». 
The emanating rock sound brings originality and character. The global energy is reminiscent of the mystic and pioneer spirit blowing on seventies music. 
In this album, ArbaA’s music associates Steve Reich’s minimalism with Steve Coleman’s complex polyrythms, crafting a powerful and original transcendental groove. Aggressive and saturated, or in turn subtle and aerial, ArbaA’s music creates hypnotic ecstasy, tangling repetitive patterns with keyboard and saxophone choruses. The new album, Fusible, explores gnawoui, soufi and indian traditional music, revealing their transe spirit with a modern sound and language. 

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01 Bald17' 04"
02 Fusible14' 15"
03 Stalker06' 34"
04 Calcutta09' 15"
05 Cathédrale10' 18"
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