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Le Fuck Techno Import Mix


Back in 1996 69db reeled off another mix it was business as usual. In order to earn a living it was regular practice in the free party scene for musicians to do mixtapes that they would try and sell around parties.

So what made this one special? Unknown to 69db that night was how much this particular mix was to become his benchmark mix. One that would follow him even to this day. A mix that sold 5000 copies around parties and for years has been passed hand to hand from fan to fan till it has become impossible to know how many people have listened to or have been influenced by this mix. 1996 was right at the moment that hard-tech was finding its feet and there are many that consider this mix the defining point in the development of this style.

Why "Le Fuck Techno Import mix"? Well because it was the same week in 1996 that Techno Import had gone behind Spiral Tribe backs and licensed their music for a project that no one was happy with so it was just a way of stating our position; little did we know that the message would travel so far!!

Here today through the constant demand from fans we have re-mastered this work for vinyl in order to liberate it from the hiss of cassettes and the confines of car stereos in order to give Dj's a chance to let the dancefloor have a go.

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01 Le Fuck Techno Import Mix Part I09' 40"
02 Le Fuck Techno Import Mix Part III08' 09"
03 Le Fuck Techno Import Mix Part II12' 26"
04 Le Fuck Techno Import Mix Part V11' 06"
05 Le Fuck Techno Import Mix Part IV10' 49"
06 Le Fuck Techno Import Mix Part VII08' 56"
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