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Fredo chante Renaud


That made a long time that it spoke about it about its project, Fredo, charismatic singer and lyric writer of the Ogres of Barback. Still longer than it thought of it, than it even dreamed some affirms it almost naively. But when one is implied in an adventure such as that of the Ogres, one does not have time to develop a parallel artistic project. Fredo launches out in the realization of what tended to becoming an obsession: the recording live of a spectacle which pays homage to that that it regards as its original inspirer Renaud.

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01 Je suis une bande de jeunes02' 31"
02 Société tu m'auras pas03' 50"
03 J'ai raté téléfoot03' 04"
04 Fredo parle Renaud00' 59"
05 Fatigué03' 50"
06 Fredo parle Renaud00' 20"
07 Buffalo Débile02' 18"
08 Salut Manouche03' 56"
09 Mon beauf'04' 44"
10 Fredo parle Renaud00' 50"
11 La chanson du loubard02' 48"
12 Banlieue rouge04' 20"
13 C'est quand qu'on va où03' 06"
14 Fredo parle Renaud01' 16"
15 Etudiant poil aux dents02' 38"
16 Deuxième génération03' 21"
17 Rouge-gorge03' 42"
18 Où c'est qu'j'ai mis mon flingue03' 28"
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