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Fondre sur les hyènes


Following «Prendre l'eau» (2001, Alice In Wonder) and «Contre le centre» (2004, La Grange à Disques), the band present in 2007 their third album, at the crossing of rock, pop, electronic musics and songs. But don't get Mobiil wrong here we're talking of a universe with sharp lyrics between Programme (less violent in its form) and Expérience (a bit darker).
Musically covering different colours, Mobiil still remains a band writing their own songs in a rock spirit, sometimes pop (Diabologum), sometimes with darker atmospheres evoking a cross between Tricky and Alain Bashung on "Fantaisie Militaire". But the band's followers shall above all notice that "Fondre sur les hyènes" is by far their most direct and radical record.

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01 Arroser la colère04' 27"
02 Des chants03' 42"
03 Est-ce qu'un jour on les aura ?03' 46"
04 Fragilithe03' 42"
05 L'art de tuer la mort03' 23"
06 Ca bricole03' 51"
07 Je sais des choses sur moi03' 41"
08 Pâte de temps02' 22"
09 Fennecs, hyènes et rats04' 52"
10 De petites boules grises05' 46"
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