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Here is the second volume of the musical experiments by Laurent de
Wilde and Otisto 23.
This time, they have grown wings...

Using the piano as exclusive sound source (keyboard, strings, wood : percussions, ambiances or melodies), create in real time music with a computer that records, treats, abuses and organises the material it receives. The main particularity of this project stands in the fact that it executed live and that music is created step by step.
This kind of adventure is not to be tried on your own. Pianist become sound engineer, early days electronic experimenter and computer recording master, Otisto 23 is the perfect partner for this project. Thanks to his incredible computer skills, he the computer into a genuine musical instrument that naturally combines with the piano.
Laurent produces sounds on his instrument, keyboard, stings, wood, metal... to provide an infinitely varied material that Otisto records on computer, loops, re-treats... before sending back to Laurent, who reacts to these with new sounds, and so on...

The music here is deeply organic, a dialogue between artists who unfold their antennae to stick to this conversation that intensifies to the point of becoming a pure sound ball or shrinking to become as small as a fly.

Flies are indeed paid homage to on this recording with track Eau de Mouche n°5, since the said insects happened to deeply influence their repertoire...

Genuine hymn to freedom and individual take-off, this FLY ! makes us connect with all the parts in ourselves that escape gravity, and dream of soaring high, carried by the intimate and precious conversation of the music with itself.

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01 Intro01' 24"
02 Sorry george05' 21"
03 Lost03' 09"
04 Jazz me i'm infamous06' 15"
05 Hiphex blues08' 39"
06 Good cop bad coop04' 26"
07 Blat seven04' 23"
08 Geek no geek06' 12"
09 Eau de mouche n°501' 38"
10 To break the ice04' 34"
11 Outro01' 18"
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