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Fin de chantier… à l’Olympia


At the time of the release of their latest album, the Ogres have unveiled this new show that everyone agreed to be the best, most comprehensive and the largest that the brothers and sisters never Burguière proposed.
Conceived as a musical flea market, the shelf is full of instruments of all kinds, on the ground, suspended or resting on metal structures, including a beautiful crane. In this design as original as successful, the Ogres take obvious pleasure to whirl in their hands specific musicians forty instruments, in a ballet even more surprising than usual.
So, naturally, that they wanted to keep track, as valuable as possible.
That is the purpose of the double DVD "End of project ... at Olympia," recorded in February 2008 with number of guests [Manu Chao, Magyd Cherfi, Mouss & Hakim, Madina N'Diaye, The Evil Coiffée] begin to appear when the last lap of this show.
Medium in which we find, in addition to the entire show [two hours] and various bonus, the video project which consists of giving the 16 tracks on the album From simple to nil images of all kinds [clips, short films, animated films ...].

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