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After more than 2 years of digital activities, F4TMusic finally drops a vinyl release. They selected one of the most vibrant tunes from their artists to bring you music that truly stands out. Prepare for the excursion !
Myrkur & m3t4 team up to bring you a refreshing, deep and lush moment of dubstep. “Ether” is built on the theme of “Time”, and builds up with piano, cellos and violins; which makes for a magnificent, mellow and organic tune. Drum & Bass rising stars June Miller went on the remix job to produce that abstract and minimal version of “Ether”, finding an edge to turn that dubstep track into something 170 bpm that’s very special. You will be listening to the deeper sound of bass music with this plate, the sound of F4TMusic.
Mastering by Precise Mastering, London.

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01 Ether05' 39"
02 Ether (June Miller Remix)05' 24"
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