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12 tracks this album together at the Auditorium de Saint-Ouen Vilaverde mixture with FX as always with Sambuca sound heavy and treated with the energy and warmth of a limitless eclecticism.
Will include in studio version refined all the songs on stage during one year: the classics like Prego or Biglietti Alabama (most of the bayou "than ever) next to new productions with African rhythms (Ya a la venta), trip hop (Tamareeshee ) and ska (Snake Lady) ....
In short, his first album while daring and self sambuca way. Special guest: A collaboration with the Ogres de Barback on the title Magyar megálló. Sambuca arose when Hungary and takes flavors Unicum, guitar manouche s'emballe and Ogres rage for a Hungarian dance you spin points listed ....

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01 Intro00' 23"
02 Biglietti Prego03' 11"
03 Free Woman05' 27"
04 Oye Mema03' 37"
05 Magyar Megallo feat Les Ogres de Barback05' 39"
06 Intro Alabama00' 52"
07 Alabama04' 20"
08 Moody Sunday03' 53"
09 Russia04' 34"
10 Nova Bossa04' 28"
11 Tamareshee05' 02"
12 Lady Snake04' 45"
13 Ya A La Venta07' 15"
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