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Epiderme Synthétique


Unclassifiable musician, Christophe Bergeron has been an active member of the French electronic scene for more than 25 years. With third album Épi¬derme Synthétique, he takes us through the surreal universe of Pushy!.

Though the general tone is close to breakbeat or drum’n’bass, while still following the codes of dubstep and affiliated stuff, Pushy! places experimentation and research at the core of the creative process. Here is electronic music in its widest definition.

Each track comes across as a genuine composition with colourful and contrasted shades. The complementary colours are instruments, vocals, samples or inserts, and assert a claimed eclecticism. The compositions by Pushy! are altogether subtle and powerful.

The album was thoroughly engineered in studio with the complicity of sound engineer Dominique “Dume” Poutet aka Otisto 23 (DTC Records, Laurent de Wilde, Interlope…).

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