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Elephant Kush


Elephant Kush (out on 22nd February 2016 in vinyls,digipack and MP3):

The R-Dug team signs a second album upbeat and huge: Elephant Kush
Guitare player Florent Fusillier brings an original touch with his various influences,like Touareg music, rock, and of course Dub.
Tracks inspired by mystic bands like Ludwig von 88 with the track Hellebore, Barrington Levy with the track Galant Captain, Improvisators dub with Mecanic Skank, and Soufi with Tanaghmelt dub.
Mixed by Gautier Baus Lagarde and mastered by Brice Martin, the 12 tracks are neat,and last,for most of them, more than 5 minutes each.
Like the first album,the visual artwork was taken care of by Gabriel Girerd (high tone,filastine) adding energy to this already amazing album.
Bruno Pronesti plays a bigger part with his singing, going from deep to high notes with amazing ease.He stays faithful to his musical devices,which allow him to write his Patterns, or if you prefer the Curls,which he has a lot of fun with.
Indeed,what comes out of this album and the team,is their dynamic and their happiness.

Francesco Dimasi
Green Madness Label

Distribué par : / Vinyles, cd, Flac et Mp3.
-Wiseband / Itunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, Qobuz, Starzik, 7Digital, Google Play, Nokia OVI, Virginmega
-Patate Records, Toolbox Records, Sonic Records, Disqu'Art, Livity Reggae.

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01 Mecanik Skank04' 34"
02 Dub Fairy Town05' 12"
03 Tanaghmelt Dub05' 53"
04 Atom Fire04' 22"
05 R-Dug Strikes Back05' 10"
06 Galant Captain05' 25"
07 Reanimator Hifi04' 22"
08 Ronde Des Pachydermes04' 09"
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01 Mecanik Skank04' 34"
02 R-Dug Strikes Back05' 10"
03 Galant Captain05' 25"
04 Hellebore05' 24"
05 Dub Fairy Town05' 12"
06 Black Arrow03' 46"
07 Tanaghmelt Dub05' 53"
08 Gernica04' 01"
09 Reanimator Hifi04' 22"
10 Bass Corner05' 14"
11 Atom Fire04' 22"
12 Ronde Des Pachydermes04' 09"
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