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Electricity EP


Third release for label D!fu this year, after Eedio and Bogdan Danilov, this is turn to Laurent Caligaris who's allready signed the d!fu 001 (charted by ScanX & Chloé, with full support from Garnier, Agoria, Alexkid, ...) to produce this D!fu 004.
Feeling Electricity (original) with its slapping bass, new wave's vocals (by Laurent himself), around 130 bpm, dancefloor synths, is looking forward pop and electro dancefloor.
Remix is due to Enola, french artist autor from the Lp « Alone », the Ep « lost in Shibuka » and some brillant remixes as the one for Anoorak's, and playing on the main stage from Nuits Sonores Festival in Lyon this year. Shaped for dancefloor, this is with a Carl Craig's feeling, that Enola rebuilt this tech/house track, hypnotic and mental.

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