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Eleanor Shine


[PRE-ORDER] Pre-order « Eleanor Shine », the release of Eleanor Shine on CD1D from 09/05/2017 !

Release date : 09/15/2017.
Digital release, FLAC and MP3, is offered when you buy physical release, but it will be available in your "Purchased Files" from 09/15/2017.
If your order includes another objects, you will receive them at the same time. Orders will be send around 09/14/2017. ▲

Just like a melody that lingers on in your mind, like violins that might look like they're dreaming of becoming electric guitars, or a stroll that takes you further than ever imagined; the format is simple: voice and violin. However, Eleanor Shine’s first album is much more than that. With occasional nods towards noise and sometimes classical or song style, Eleanor Shine offers her listeners delicate music that just cannot be classified.

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