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Eight Times Lucky


If you’re unfamiliar with SIMON CHAINSAW’s sound this is what makes it up…. Aussie Hi-energy Rock’n’roll mixed with the brash CBGBs style punk, with nods to Husker Du, Replacements, and Social Distortion; a good dose of Stooges, Pistols, early AC/DC and Motorhead; and finally where Foo Fighers meet The Stones meet The Ramones, ALL in its glorious bliss! He is frequently compared to Sonny Vincent, Kevin K and Freddy Linx… not so much for the music but for the attitude, spirit and life style.. and it’s very appropriate.

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01 Deaf Ears03' 38"
02 Be your Drug03' 25"
03 You Ain't Me02' 55"
04 Bruna03' 39"
05 I Wanna Fly03' 25"
06 Born to Die03' 04"
07 Get Some02' 36"
08 Eight Times Lucky02' 50"
09 Get it On04' 38"
10 Told me a Lie04' 17"
11 This Time03' 58"
12 Get on With the Show03' 38"
13 Time to Understand03' 40"
14 Back to my Roots04' 50"
15 One for the Road04' 08"
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