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Dub Invaders #2


Following the 2009 release of their debut LP, "Wake The Town & Tell The People", the DUB INVADERS now have a new mission as they sail towards 2013.

"Making our records ourselves is a way of getting more involved; a way to rediscover a more alternative approach to the industry. We record, mix and produce our own music and even make the LP covers. We handle our own PR and distribution and find it rewarding to distance ourselves from current media formating. Playing at a sound-system festival is a reminder of the transgressive atmosphere that pervaded free parties in the 90s."

Indeed, High Tone, now an integral part of "Bass Culture", has decided to launch the DUB INVADERS #2 project with a new double LP and a sound-system tour. The record, a hybrid of High Tone's side-projects, will be released in December 2012 and will feature music by Fabasstone, Aku-Fen, Natural High, Twelve, Roots'n future hi-fi, as well as Led Piperz.
This collective's tour will vary (with number of performers at each venue) in Live Machine & DJ set, and will run from november 2012 through July 2013 in a sound-system dedicated configuration, "on the floor" in concert venues and festivals, and accompanied by OBF or Dub Addict, along with their powerful sonic reactors !

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