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Droid Topiary Frame


Label : TSUKU BOSHI (Association Gummi Gumi)

Poborsk had a CD out on Cactus Island a while back. We liked that one so we've managed to source some copies of Droid Topiary Frame! on Tsukuboshi which I think is a French label. I'd like to be more accurate but something about the mystery of vagueness always appeals to me. This is glitchy crunchy decent IDM style electronica like what folks used to make before dubstep became fashionable. There was a time when everyone was making this kind of stuff but now they're not I'm thoroughly enjoying it again. Am well contrary me. This is quite like Music Aus Strom, Autechre, machine music style stuff... nice crunchy sounding melodic fun... LP on and Mingus says 'Glissandos'. I don't know what it means but he does!!

For their second release, Paris's Tsuku Boshi bring out a new record by the french Poborsk, who presents here 12" of fine hacked beats, sharp glitch-hop (remember this term?), groovy clicks and, all in all, something that would definitely have ended up on Warp some years ago. It all reminds a bit of a more accessible early-era Autechre, is well written and produced, and seems done all in good fun. Charming. (

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