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Diaspora Remixed


Diaspora Remixed is a community global beat project featuring electro-world DJs met on the tour trail around Europe. Transglobal Underground, Shazalakazoo, EarthRise SoundSystem, Dunkelbunt and Undergang put their personal spin on W-Clan's Diaspora Hi-Fi, a 2008 World Music Charts top album.

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01 Lei Lei Ha (TransGlobal Underground remix)05' 37"
02 Balkan Qoulou (Shazalakazoo remix)04' 05"
03 Balkan Qoulou (Dunkelbunt remix feat Cloud Tissa & MC Killo Killo)04' 59"
04 Goumari (EarthRise SoundSystem remix)05' 45"
05 Goumari (Shazalakazoo remix)04' 15"
06 Diaspora Dub (Undergang remix)05' 13"
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