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Few month after the release of his Ep style="font-weight: bold;">That’s the way the cookie crumbles,
Miso Soup is
back with a special remix Ep. He choosed personally some artists to
rework his last Ep. He also decided to involve the artists into one of
his passions, Japanese mythology and gods by adding names to the remix.
So he dedicated an auto remix of Ghosts,
Cats and Whistle
using Japan Percussions and cymbals and linked it to the Cat divinity :
Bakeneko. style="font-weight: bold;">Noone revisited the
track Porcelaine God
with his own recognisable touch of melody and arrangements and choose a
strange divinity materialized as a wall which can extends itself
forever: Nurikabe.
The duet Paral-lel
offers two remixes of Amaga
and That’s the way the
cookie crumbles
. One in a pure sick-break style
significant of their style is associated with the god of war style="font-weight: bold;">Hachiman, the other
remix is more techno and mental and refers to the bridge that shelter
the world birth into Shintoïsm tradition, style="font-weight: bold;">Amenoukehashi. In a
pure breakbeat and headbang style, Alienhearts
remix Girl phonecall
inspired by Samurai moral : Bushido.
Once again Amaga
has been remixed by Holyfader
into a hip hop with crunch siren calling upon the Japanese spirits, style="font-weight: bold;">Yurei. Last but not
least, B.O.M
rewrote the track The
Clock into an amazing
“Intelligent Techno” invoking the
blossom-princess symbol of delicate earthly life style="font-weight: bold;">Ko-no-hana.

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