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Nothing's just thrown at the listener's ears here, each track has been precisely designed. Industrial and tortured, or stupidly happy, iorek b's music is not for epileptics, just like a videogame with fluo sprites that you end in twenty-six minutes each rainy sunday afternoon.

Tracks by iorek b, excepted Salade Bouillante II by Rap2h & iorek b, Comme Hifi Terrifie by Rap2h, and Oscillation by dB2A & iorek b.
Musicians on Vlandans : Benji (violin), Cilcé (flute), Bertrand (space drum), Vinz (marimba), Ljuba (steel drum), Sam (trumpet).

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01 Zeph04' 32"
02 Salade Bouillante II03' 02"
03 Comme Hifi Terrifie03' 23"
04 Oscillation03' 54"
05 Nif02' 53"
06 Vlandans07' 24"
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