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The debut album for Daramad was recorded by a young recording engineer and enthusiast by the name of Tom Wearne over a weekend at a beach house overlooking the sea in Safety Bay, Western Australia - an idyllic and relaxed setting to record about twelve hours of raw material.
During this recording Daramad focussed on original material and tunes that captured the spirit and uniqueness of the band. The rich variety of sound textures heard here reflects both the cultural diversity and multi-instrumentalism of Daramad, and the Persian classical background of two of its members is a strong influence in their sound.
The music is woven together like a Persian carpet of vibrant tonal colours and subtly evolving motifs. Like a carpet, there are many strands to the Daramad sound – the vivid interactions between plucked strings and winds, the rhythmic drive that propels

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01 Isfahan07' 24"
02 Zornery06' 03"
03 Tigris Eye06' 18"
04 Caspian Winds08' 15"
05 Dashti06' 40"
06 Galactica07' 50"offered
07 Magpie07' 43"
08 Lamma Bada08' 55"
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