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Cosmic Dancer


Datcom is a determined producer DJ who has the firm intention of making the listener travel. It is with Jerry Lee Lewis, Queen and other composers like Prokofiev that he takes his first audio slaps. With these references, he also gleaned his inspirations in the science fiction films of his childhood (Willow, Merlin and The Endless Story). When he discovered the dream world of electronic music with artists such as Dominik Euldberg, Max Cooper and Stephan Bodzin, he composed his first pieces in which several musical influences form a whole universe that makes his creations unique. Recognized especially for its custom creation for the Aurora 2.0 project, which took the 10th place in the top 100 of Soundcloud’s ambient sounds with over 120,000 plays, it now joins the JFX LAB to leave soon «Cosmic Dancer» a new Ep of 4 hyponotising titles.

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