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Eric's first album is a smooth blend of world and modern rock music that can only be passion music. His use of world instruments and world beats delivers fresh sounds to the ears that can only be described as an auditory orgasm. Eric's lyrics are a message of trials overcome and the joys that follow. It pulls on the listener's heart strings!

This album is a sweet addition to the Mad Ducks line up. It has contributions from such Mad Ducks veterans as Xavier Chasseuil on acoustic guitar ("We Will Meet Again") and Cedric Theys on bass, guitars and keys. Terrance Ballard, of Corey Butler fame, is there too to add the backbeat with his magic finger touch on hand percussion and the drum kit. Anne Coumont adds cello on "From The Dawn Of Age".

This album lives up to its name, Continuum. It extends in the past, the present and the future! And this album will be set to loop mode on your CD or mp3 players! Time will tell that this album will last for the Continuum.

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01 We Will Meet Again04' 27"
02 From The Dawn Of Age04' 00"
03 Hold On03' 31"
04 Dussavu Dueni03' 37"
05 A Walk Nobody Knows03' 57"
06 I'm An Immigrant02' 35"
07 Not Afraid03' 43"
08 I'm A Daddy04' 19"
09 Timeless02' 55"
10 Redemption05' 01"
11 Dear Friend02' 48"
12 Bafana Bafana!03' 07"
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