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Continental Drifts


[PRE-ORDER] Pre-order « Continental Drifts », the new release of Uzul Prod on CD1D from 04/21/2017 !

Release date : 05/05/2017.
Digital release, FLAC and MP3, is offered when you buy physical release, but it will be available in your "Purchased Files" from 05/05/2017.
If your order includes another objects, you will receive them at the same time. Orders will be send around 05/04/2017. ▲

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01 Eat Me Feat. Moodie Black
02 Mr, Stop Ignoring Me Feat. Oddateee
03 Continental Drifts
04 (I'M Breaking The) Morning Groove Feat. Oddateee
05 The Sum Of It All Feat. Phil Von
06 The Crawl Feat. Antropik
07 Street Issues Feat. Oddateee
08 Deflexion Feat. Mareike
09 Echo Parasite Feat. K-The I?? + Nekochan
10 Cyeta Feat. Dasha
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