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The writing of Roucaute explores the hidden recesses of the human soul and questions our pursuit in the conformity, and the relentless fight which makes a commitment between this pursuit and its echo. Be allowed snatch by his vice, forbid itself from it by defending " the other one ", extract one way or another; Roucaute guides us in a reflection free of gravity. This opus is served by precise texts, ironically committed, or to the nostalgic sweetness. As in a soundtrack, we walk on a theme, in the course of titles in the varied arrangements and in the prosperous melodies.
Enter potential monstrousness (Mon cirque, stained with blood), suspicion towards the foreigner, towards the similar step (Petit conte d’près-Noël), inhalation - aversion to be in Conforme, posture and look of childhood in front of the girl different from the class (Sac de billes), and sensation of strangeness in a New World far from being ideal.
This EP 5 titles is the perfect window on the work of Roucaute and also a good introduction to its future projects. He allows to feel and to appreciate this duality which livens up each of us and which the singer-songwriter likes peeling, without judgment, with sobriety or not.
" We shall greet the luxurious arrangements and we shall distinguish three Gilles Roucaute's collusive, variation of sensitive, reactive guitars: François and Matthieu Verguet, in the acoustic and electric guitars, and Danijel Puhel in the bass, any diamonds (..) Down from range, very high really. "

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