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Comment je suis devenu voyageur


At first, there are geese and a leisure centre. A beautiful spring day, the big birds are enjoying a stopover. The grass is soft, the water is crystal clear, and kids throw some bread. Once the winter returns, the geese do not leave. For the first time in hundreds of generations of annual migrations, they turn sedentary. Fred Burguière often looked at them with his children, fed them and wondered why they did not leave any more, as to contradict “Les oiseaux de passage”, Jean Richepin's magnificent poem turned into a song by Georges Brassens.
And “Comment je suis devenu voyageur” (How I became a traveller) became the title of the Ogres’ twelfth album, the album of rooted nomads, of big travellers who built themselves houses, of adventurers who know where they are going … Fred, Sam, Alice and Mathilde Burguière offer sixteen new songs at the crossroads of log books and personal diaries, halfway between the meditation on the state of the world and a committed scrapbook.
We hear gypsy rhythms and rock momentums, Parisian echoes and accents of the South, the East winds and the flavours of the Orient, big voices and children, well installed pianos and instruments from abroad, romanticism and angers, todays and dreams, maybes and if-you-wants- the Ogres once again, with open hands and a very big heart.

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