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Collection #1


Since 1983, the most ancient Hardcore gang of the country skilfully play with styles, feverishly combining HC, jazz, post-punk and metal while carefully avoiding the structures of classic rock : nervous and powerful rhythms, fucked up beats, inventive harmonies and unexpected dissonances mix with an imperious and inspired voice.

The discrepancy get even stronger with the use of a mysterious language : Ogam. Derived from Celtic language (of course), it is the language of Gnomes, underground and minute people - 5 inches high, pointy hat not included - which made the singer PLEX their messenger on earth, talking to him in dreams.

Following their gigs itinerary alongside the best artists of international Hardcore as well as French rock (All, Scream, Gorilla Biscuit, Naked Raygun, Silverfish, Cadavres, Wampas, Parabellum, Bérurier-Noir, etc...), and multiple records on their own label "LA VOIX DES GNOMES", CRASH re-released the whole of their early tracks (now become rarities) in two compilations, thereby saluting ten years of unique independent actions. Come and join the crazy world of LES GNOMES !

"Collection N°1" gathers in 20 tracks the first EP, the 1st album (84-86) and a bonus extract from album "DEM REDWRN" (91), juxtaposing post-punk influenced by KILLING JOKE or THE STRANGLERS, fast Hardcore in the spirit of THE DEAD KENNEDYS or BLACK FLAG, and jazzy sax crazy parts à la LUCRATE MILK.

Released on ...

01 Cindy02' 28"
02 Gwirdic02' 11"
03 Tohra02' 33"
04 Lyvïng02' 48"
05 4302' 58"
06 Les Gnômes03' 07"
07 Bolide Kenzo02' 41"
08 Godo02' 52"
09 Sakarendo03' 01"
10 Offenbach02' 01"
11 Biculby02' 34"
12 La Lune01' 00"
13 Les 12 Coups02' 23"
14 Ouatizeuh02' 19"
15 Gnomo Tango02' 36"
16 P'tit Pois02' 26"
17 Zulu02' 17"
18 Pelaga01' 34"
19 L'Intru03' 03"
20 Dem Redwrn03' 48"
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