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Chaper 2 - Tribute To Remixes


The DUB WISER 3 members decide to share their passion for reggae & electronica in 1996, after having played separately in bands such as SKHAN or AUSWEIS (who released one of the very first french reggae -dub album in 1988 and whose singer PUPPA LESLIE, R.I.P) These french dub scene pioneers, after new encounters and new experiences, come back with a new project : \"Tribute to remixes\". This dub mission is to get each track of their 1st album (\"A new millenium of dub\" released in 2001) remixed by some artists gravitating round them and Hammerbass label : Elephant System, Brain Damage, Rasboras, Djins, Alon Adiri from Dub Syndicate, The Count Of Monte Cristo, General Dub... From electro-dub to hard core beats, this album has been made for all open minded electronic musics' fans !

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01 Dub spe04' 11"
02 High again05' 44"
03 Ethnicity05' 07"
04 Back to the roots04' 59"
05 Fire05' 53"
06 Sukkeroku remix05' 44"
07 War on terror04' 41"
08 DNXLOVE05' 05"
09 Nexus03' 52"
10 Sensi drinka04' 58"
11 Apollo07' 28"
12 Ethnicity no way style remix04' 21"
13 Atomizer03' 45"
14 Anihilation remix04' 48"
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