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Burn It


Filastine creates music and live sets that wreck genre, charting a new sonic map by synchronizing mutated hiphop with other street rhythms and international obscura. Filastine recently dropped his debut full length record, Burn It, to much critical acclaim, on DJ/Rupture's Soot Records. A 12" vinyl will be released on Shockout in early 2007. For the last year Filastine has brought his soundclash to clubs, squats, festivals, and underground spaces across the globe, from Buenos Aires to Reykjavik, Osaka to London, and all points in between, delivering the beats with laptop, midi triggers, loudspeaker, and percussion mounted on a shopping cart. Filastine founded the Infernal Noise Brigade, a 20-piece anarcho marching band active in international radical movements. He produced a record for a street band in Marrakech, Majmouat AbdelHakim, and is a composer for the japanese butoh dance ensemble P.A.N. Sound is also a tool of action for Filastine. He conducts guerilla audio interventions and has been assaulted or arrested by police of many uniforms in the course of his work.

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01 hello, my name is...01' 11"
02 quémalo ya03' 18"
03 palmares02' 30"
04 splinter faction delight03' 14"
05 judas goat03' 33"
06 lucre00' 40"
07 the last reboudt03' 03"
08 crescent occupation05' 12"
09 autology03' 33"
10 this is a fight00' 49"
11 boca de ouro04' 18"
12 get on that bullhorn & leave the fucking country00' 31"
13 dance of the garbageman05' 54"
14 ja helo03' 27"
15 2nd class sleeper00' 17"
16 dreams from wounded mouth03' 30"
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