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Breakdown System


The next step is to release a split vinyl together with Dubmatix, who mixes tracks with his unique style, and Maztrone who's in charge of visual artwork. Guests on this record are first-rate artists whose paths the band crossed during their 2009-2010 tour. The band is supported by the specialized press (culture dub, to ensure efficient and well-targeted promotion.

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01 Dub in V.O. - Warning (feat Mighty howard)05' 34"
02 Dub in V.O. - Don't disturb the peace (feat Pandra)05' 53"
03 Dub in V.O. - Dolls05' 34"
04 Dubmatix - Wobble Weeble (feat. Kulcha Ites)05' 00"
05 Dubmatix - Struggle (feat. Dennis Alcapone)05' 57"
06 Dubmatix - Deep dark dub04' 39"
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