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Brain Drain Generation EP


Binary Audio Misfits was born from the encounter of EXPérience (Toulouse/France) and The Word Association (San Marcos/Texas). Always interested by collaborations with artists from different universes, Expérience has affinities with hip-hop and his representers, from the french La Caution (present on « Hémisphère Gauche ») to Arm, from Psykick Lyrikah (guest on a track from « Nous (en) sommes encore là »). Thus, on the Internet, Expérience found the Myspace page of The Word Conspiration. This amazing musical surprise pushed the Toumouse-based Michel Cloup, Francisco Esteves and Patrice Cartier to contact the Texans to offer a participation on one of their tracks.

Quickly after the Americans answered tracks started to be exchanged via mail. The result got more than satisfying for both parts excited by this encounter from another universe and another continent. Naturally an album was created via the internet Expérience sends a couple of tracks with scattered couplets done by Michel Cloup, and members of The Word Association (Jaysin, Muggzy Flow, Omari Kamau and Dj Crown) fill in the voids with vocals and scratches. It all turned out to be a (audio) tracking game and a recreation for both formations. Thus was born the music of « Binary Audio Misfits », at the crossroads of their two musical universes.

Expérience has never sounded so Hip Hop and the Word association has never been so close to Rock. Their common taste for adventurous associations and the same knack for intertwining different musical universes gets the result to be up to all expectations!

The two bands meet in Texas in december 2007 when Expérience are in the States to record their 4th album. They get on so well that they decide to complete the BAM! album. This project marks a new step in the career of Expérience and of The Word Association : a bridge between two cultures, two continents, two conceptions of music. An fruitful attempt to communicate between two universes who respect and know one another, between individuals who have everything yet to learn from each other.

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