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On the shores of the rivers of Babylon, God chose EZ3kiel to be His prophet. On the shores of rivers leading to an endless darkness. Contrary to other prophets, EZ3kiel then brought light and hope to a people feeling abandonned, to face the long and painfull battlefield in front of him.

Battlefield, EZ3kiel's new album, offers us that light, make us cross darkness and torments, and never leaves us there alone and destituted. This crossing in eleven tracks, during which a frozen, biting and snowy wind blows, makes us consider peoples' misery and obstinateness, destruction and reconstruction - when the last bullet was fired, the last sabre hammered, when that the last combatant is dying and is about to rejoin the Valhalla. But do not expect to know what we are speaking about, you would underestimate the potential of surprise of this disc: definitely rock, with an eye on original and constant references to groups like Nine Inch Nails, Primus or Neurosis, EZ3kiel makes shatter in obsidian fragments the prejudices that could leave Naphtaline. Nobody was able to define their music, their inspiratin has never shrinked from an artistic compromise or the search of a smooth and orderly identity. Sharp guitars, fat basses, heavy and indus drums, all elements are gathered for a big sound, a incredible dynamics. Tracks progress continuously, invent themes and structure again, taking the exercise so far as grindcore.

That choice makes that new album dark and mysterious. The group prooves to be dark and enigmatic, always lifting, in the middle of an atmosphere worthy of Maldoror hymns, the veil of hope with melodic movement of an harrowing intensity. In the same way as those of its bibical homonym, EZ3kiel's prophecies are characterized by symbolic and allegorical representations, revealing during every projects a rich set of majestically visions and collosal symbols. The analogy between the bibical character and the group has never been that strong ...

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