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Much sharper and more mature, this second album is a reaffirmation of the band's identity, made of mixture, anachronisms, and musical experimentations. A selection of unique and disparate artists appear as guests on this album : Angélique Wilkie former Zap Mama, DAUU a belgium quartet, Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Black Sifichi...Barb4ry illustates a musical content, an experimental research on the machines. These musicians express their obscur side with acoustic arrangements as violin, piano, violoncello, accordion, which give an access to the listening of the album. They also reveal the melodic touch of these composers...This album is « an homogeneous mix made of sweetness and aggressiveness. A lovely music played as barbarians. »

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01 Kika02' 25"
02 Versus04' 16"
03 Another05' 23"
04 3 rue Montplaisir05' 27"
05 Phantom land04' 53"
06 Tôt ou tard01' 51"
07 ObSSD04' 25"
08 Barb4ry05' 04"
09 Thought05' 29"
10 Sûrement07' 31"
11 Coaxial06' 51"
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