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Are you ready ? Hold onto your seatbelt ! Action !
Jî Mob, who already exploded musical genres in his first two albums, returns with Bankrobber. And the tension climbs even higher : this time, Jî Mob attacks the banks ! A musical hold-up with a crime thriller atmosphere and flamboyant characters. Dandy rock, mesmeric, Pfunk or wink at the Specials, B52’s and other LCD sound system… a wild little gem. The original soundtrack of a movie that Tarantino has yet to film…

Supported by Drac Picardie, the Regional Council of Picardy, the city of Amiens, the SPPF and the ADAMI.
In partnership with FIP, Longueur d'Ondes, Vibrations, La Ferarock, Radio Graf'hit and Radio Campus Amiens.

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