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Following the international distribution, last Summer, of their first double LP album, Definitely roots, (Masta Conga Production publishing), the band Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra is back with a new stunning opus titled AYODEGI.
On Definitely Roots, released in the Summer of 2009 and already compiled on many afro blogs such as the eminent PARIS DJ PODCAST, the band had welcome numerous vocal guests in the groove afro Antilles vein. Famous front-man gwo ka Tataz and talented creole rapper Diodman had topped the show, supported by Teddy Baillet and Bruce Ratovo for the dancehall part ; the whole totally sublimed by the magnificent creole poetry by Gisèle Jeanne Rose.
On this new opus titiled intitulé AYODEGI, the direction is more instrumental and jazzy. The 70s jazz funk influence is stronger and the choice of instruments like the Honner D6 totally widens the sound panoramic.

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