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Audioactivism #2


The first electro hip hop compilation initiated by Jarring Effects dates back to 2006. Build around the famous statement by Gil Scot Heron « The Revolution Will Not Be Televised », Audioactivism presented the artists about to become the new spearheads of the label, also showing that beyond Dub music, the Lyon-based label is ferociously hungry for hip hop and its many derivatives.
Audioactivim # 2 logically follows the same musical aesthetics, as hybrid as transversal, while preserving homogeneity in its approach of the genre. Inviting a multitude of internationally renowned MCs (Bleubird, M Sayyid, BenSharpa, Blurum 13, K The – I ???), this second compilation is made of some tracks extracted from the latest series of EPs exclusively released in vinyl and digital format (Playdoe, R;Zatz, JFX studio sessions) while offering a good deal of unreleased stuff. To be noted are the collaborations of Canadian rapper Bleubird (close to the Anticon collective), with Lyon producers Uzul (Kaly Live Dub), LedPiperz (Airflex Labs / High Tone) and R;Zatz (Jarring Effects) for 3 high level electro hip-hop tracks, as well as Octopus of crew Deadverse (Mrc Riddims feat John Morrison), Kaly Live Dub, and the unique Picore for the arrangements. Finally, Audioactivism #2 is also the best way to (re)discover the latest vinyl references of Jarring Effects, cleverly combined with exclusive stuff freshly delivered from our studio.

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