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Armes & Cycles


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Third of the name, heck ! Troublion, wolverine, minstrel !
ALBERT MARCŒUR moreover suggests that «all the musics gulped down, stored since the youngest age, mix with all those who emerge today». He even specifies : «I tried to combine some of these links. I did not still understand how and why they met but I know that there are often meetings and that the discussions are livened up there». So much the better, it is exactly this animation and these brouillonnes and noisy confrontations that, since the origins, make all the charm of a universe for an equivalent of which we hope today still on the hexagonal scene...
• Originally edited on 1979 on Phonogram.
• Reissued in 2003 via Marcœur's brother's label = LABEL FRÈRES.

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01 Ici
02 Emploi Du Temps
03 La Dame Qui Est Assise À Côté De Moi
04 Linge Sale
05 Histoire D'offrir
06 Ampoule Grillée
07 Réveil
08 Son Sac
09 Micheline
10 Bonjour Monsieur Monsieur
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