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Album à Colorier


• • • Digisleeve CD + 16-page Booklet • • •
ALBERT MARCŒUR's second recording places the level a notch above the first one, yet above high flight !
In the game of the comparisons, the exegetes evoked Frank Zappa, for the often unpredictable character of the inspirations of this creator freed from any inhibition, Robert Wyatt also, probably by the home-made aspect, this side «made do with what is at hand», minimalist if needed. We could reveal also and above all a strong link with the sound experiments of Henry Cow whose cultural DNA seems systematically outside any marked out path...
A new delight full of collusive mockery. Deep & sweet !
• Originally edited on 1976 on Atlantic / WEA.
• Reissued in 2002 via Marcœur's brother's label = LABEL FRÈRES.

Released on ...

01 Monsieur Lépousse
02 Le Fugitif
03 Le Nécessaire À Chaussures
04 Le Père Grimoine
05 Doctorine
06 Le Jus D’abricot
07 La Cueillette Des Noix
08 Elle Était Belle
09 Fermez La Porte
10 Là-D’dans
11 Ouvre-Toi
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