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9 pictures


« 9 pictures » or the story of a police raid in nine sequences. Urban tragicomedy on a bed of stoned. Party, delirium, drifting, provocation, pigs, humiliation, anxiety, disgust. Nine snapshots lit by the spasmodic glimmer of a police station neon light. Mistress Bomb H obsessively plays this ghetto soundtrack that could occur everywhere as soon as the darkness falls down on the city. She plays it to the unreal. Brutal and minimal rhythm alterations, melodies both sensuous and savage. The bomb’s no-wave/indus/noise/afro/soul background explodes, hits like nine billy clubs, beats like as many whips. No rest for the body nor for the
aching synapses. No rest for the soul of the doomed of the night.
The dancefloors remember Aphasia’s « velvet fist in an iron glove » method in the late 90s. His producing meets perversion with perversion, using underground deviance electro classic « One Night in NYC » by The
Horrorist (1996). Mastered and cut in Barcelona’s Reverse Studio, the “9 pictures” expose themselves on two vinyl sides, round and coarse, fragile and cheeky. “9 pictures” which refer to nine original prints made by the
Bomb and silkscreen reproduced with the help of EM and Sébastien Lumineau, major figures of Rennes’ comic book scene. A taming sound, a slapping artwork. Those are Mistress Bomb H’s trademark.

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01 Cats 03' 32"
02 Lets 03' 36"
03 Knots 03' 35"
04 Streets 03' 07"
05 Numbers 03' 15"
06 Bigs 03' 33"
07 Stretchers 03' 01"
08 Ambitions 02' 49"
09 Boots 03' 27"
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