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The album comes to us in the face like a flight of arrows ! A flagrant diversity between three major currents of the French song : Gainsbourg and his genius, Bashung and his inspiration, Higelin and his husky voice.
The "Pierrot Lunaire Lorrain" deliver here his first LP, 11 songs to depict a world of Technicolor on a big screen. From "La roue tourne" to "Cargo" , 1./kri / wanders between acoustic and techno-logical environment, the listener is lead in the imagination of this dark longovicien
Original Scottish shower that allows everyone to find his likes.

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01 Paris Touriste01' 48"
02 La roue tourne02' 05"
03 Nuits rengaines03' 31"
04 Rêve parisien03' 57"
05 C'est le temps03' 39"
06 Quand le plaisir devient violence04' 01"
07 Cargo03' 35"
08 Aéroport03' 18"
09 Human02' 57"
10 Valse urbaine02' 43"
11 Un cri03' 01"
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