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10 ans d'Ogres et de Barback


The double DVD recalls in addition to six hours (!) the artistic and human adventure of the event "Ten years of Ogres... and Barback", celebration of a course out of the commun run which made them nothing less than one national reference, an alternative model of development with complete freedom. It is little of saying that this round - of which the concept was simple [ten years/ten cities/ten dates/and definitely more than ten guests] - was triumphal. Actually, they will have given thirteen complete concerts, thus presenting at more than twenty two thousand people a three hour old spectacle, will have made different every evening by the string from guests present, variable according to cities' but inevitably counting Papa, Maman and the Léo little brother [for the common interpretation of a Flute of any beauty]. They reflect the final point of this birthday in a Cicada submerged of emotion, as well in the room as on the scene which had seen ravelling this incredible evening a skewer artists. That was to be an exceptional round, it was an authentic dedication. This generous Dvd proposes the integral in the exceptional concert of the Cicada, makes an exhaustive turn of the cities and collaborations of the innumerable guests, proposes documentary fifty two minutes realized throughout the round and offers moreover various relevant no-claims bonus.

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