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This combo, composed of Micflow, Mr. Lips, Tiko and Fayabraz, represents the All Stars of French Beatboxing.
Their album entitled “1” is the first of its kind, 100% Beatbox.
No machines, no turntables, no special effects, with the voice as the only instrument, they create an ethereal hip-hop with tenacious rhythms. In the style of Turntablists and DJs, these four activists overlap samples, make them collide, and add their vocal scratches to achieve a precise and powerful mix, tuned to perfection.
“1” is a complex architecture of sound at the height of which unfold guttural shenanigans and other vocal antics that transcribe the raw and festive energy of live performances, an area in which they excel. (They’re not world champions of Beatboxing for nothing…!)
Since 2007, these four Beatboxers also multiply prestigious collaborations sharing the stage with big names such as Laurent Garnier, Bauchklang, Rocé and Bernard Purdie.
The objective is therefore to get listeners comfortably ensconced in their beat resort and woven into a diabolically organic atmosphere; in a word, it’s wildly entertaining.
They were suspected of being from another world, and this album, 100% free of additives with a concept fully assumed and under total control, confirms it: these young men come from somewhere else !

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01 Intro00' 11"
02 Beat box killa01' 29"
03 Gat da wild01' 13"
04 Sugar lady02' 59"
05 Scratchin01' 52"
06 Get smech03' 23"
07 Next level part 102' 08"
08 Next level part 201' 10"
09 Au nom du snare00' 53"
10 One crew03' 01"
11 Jabo lips and stubblebraz00' 53"
12 We gat da funk02' 29"
13 Groove00' 51"
14 I need funk00' 56"
15 Fuck up02' 10"
16 Under kontrol04' 01"
17 Freeze!03' 16"offered
18 Freaky00' 59"
19 We gat da kontrol04' 09"
20 Outro05' 08"
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