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About is a platform dedicated to alternative on-line music distribution (physical and digital) does not make any profit and shares 85% of its sales between the artists and the labels is on the fringe of the «culture business» is an equitable on-line selling platform from the producer to the listener was created by French independent labels federation CD1D


CD1D is a professional federation created by 7 independent labels in 2004 and gathering today more than 282 labels (associations, SARL, SCOP…).

The purpose of this federation is to offer new ways for music collaborations and diffusion, based on an equal respect of both the artists and the public, on the strengthening of musical diversity and the durable implementation of an alternative network to the Majors and other « culture Supermarkets ». CD1D thus offers the labels and the artists a collaborative way to unite, combine their strengths, reflect and collectively adapt themselves to the mutations caused by technological advances as well as the evolutions of the music industry sector.

Its missions focus on 4 major axes :

  • The seeking for new alternative economical models meant to allow artists and independent labels to keep on producing and diffusing their non-formatted work
  • The use of new technologies to strengthen the exchanges and methods of direct diffusion between music amateurs and music creators
  • A collective work vision via the mutualisation of tools and teams so as to improve the daily activity and degree of expertise of labels (media connections, royalty management, centralised publicity space buying or record pressing)
  • The bonding with other independent entities whether on a regional or international scale (Europe, Mediterranean area, Francophone areas) so as to build a large community of individuals concerned by the support to creation


For years, the record industry has been led by rules which reinforced the Majors and big labels’ media and economic domination. By creating their own platform, the labels part of CD1D wished to get back some of this power of life and death over their works and did so via the reclaiming of the diffusion channels and the favouring – like other economic sectors – of shorter circuits.

An alternative platform for on-line music selling, created in 2004, offering physical (CD, DVD, Vinyl, books...) and digital (MP3 and FLAC) formats, thus provides an equitable distribution from the producer to the listener, does not make any profit and shares 85% of its sales between the artists and the labels.

Since its creation, the CD1D association has been devoted to the labels it is composed of, offering them new resources in terms of financial backing, communication, distribution and development. It provides for each member label a personal account to administrate their on-line productions. The label is then able to follow its sales in real time, modify its catalogue on-line, set the prices for its references, take part in private forums... In a word : a unique personalisation at the labels’ service.
The public is also widely involved and solicited to defend and support the labels and their artists who open new paths and create music apart from the commercial networks.

The products ordered on are delivered in France and in the whole world for any internet user having a secured payment method via credit card and Paypal.


With, the label gets back 85% of its sales. It can therefore remunerate the artists better and re-invest in the production of a next album.

So, earning this way twice as mush as when using the traditional network, the labels become able to take position on markets where the number of copies or the media exposure do not any more guarantee the economic balance of a musical work.


In its will to federate the actors of independence and develop innovative answers, CD1D also works, in France, on a regional scale in order to take part in the structuring and strengthening of exchanges between artists, labels, regional federations, local authorities and the public.

Since 2007, numerous initiatives have thus emerged regionally (Feppia, Feppra, Flim, Mine, Flippe etc). CD1D closely follows and supports those, namely by helping develop mutualised answers based on the technical and collaborative solutions CD1D has already been developing on a national level.

Several online selling platforms were thus created, based on this collaborative model and its concern for efficiency :,,, ... many examples where the labels and local federations are able to take care of their productions, their specificities, their events, while benefitting a development support and a national follow-up from the CD1D teams. Each year, this working process seems to bear more and more fruit as new federations also emerge in Pays de Loire, in Lorraine, in the North of France or in Midi-Pyrénées… We told you: independence IS getting organized!

Action on a regional scale in a few points :

  • The development of regional platforms ( / / , and the creation of the federations : FEPPAL (Federation of music publishers and producers in Pays de la Loire) / FLIM (Federation of independent labels in Midi-Pyrénées) / FLIPPE (Federation of independent labels of the East of France) and MINE (Music Industry Northern Europe)
  • The building of a territorial network to offer every one a genuine visibility and allow exchanges and transfers of experiences on a national level
  • A regional scale gathering the entirety or quasi-entirety of the artists from a given region (according to the subscribing criteria of each regional federation)
  • Allow producers and labels as well as regionally spotted auto-productions to access the services of CD1D
  • Open new national and international perspectives for the selling and diffusion of regional works

The birth of regional initiatives also facilitates many professional regional, interregional and international encounters by gathering actors of today’s music and of the music sector and allowing them to exchange about their practices and the concrete solutions they have found to support the labels and their artists.


Since its online launching in March 2005 - i.e. more than 13 years’ activity - has come to represent today :

282 independent labels from France, Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium and England
2167 artists
3729 references (CD, DVD, Vinyl)
28824 downloadable tracks

CD, DVD, Vinyl, MP3 320, FLAC, Fanzines…

An advertisement-free radio sorted by music style

85% of earnings paid back to labels and artists


Like any militant and collective project, CD1D welcomes new energies to carry its projects and amplify the resonance of independent and creative music.

Would like to join our teams? :

To support CD1D means to support the creativity of tomorrow’s talents, to believe in an equitable and participative economic approach among the record industry, to maintain, develop and value non-formatted musical identities.